Manifest Generator

Would you like your website

If so, this simple page will generate the manifest file for you to put on your server to make it happen in Chrome and Opera for Android (and soon Firefox). (More about the web manifest format, and download Opera for Android to try it out.)


Tell us the address of your site and click "check my site". The page will then look at your site and get any useful information and usable icons it can from the publicly-available information in the code.


Download manifest.json

Choose any options below and the manifest will be automatically updated. Link to it by adding this line: <link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json"> just before the line </head> in your HTML.


We got this information your site. Change it, if you want. The short_name is what will actually be shown below your icon on the Android homescreen — keep it short!


Set orientation

Does your website/ app need to start at a certain orientation?


Start full screen?

Sites served over https can start full-screen. You can tell Android to start your site full-screen like any other app, or in “true fullscreen” like a game, hiding everything but your app.

Set a background colour

While your app is being loaded, the background fills the sceen to show your user that something is happening. You may want to choose the predominant colour in your page or branding. (More about background colour)

Once your manifest is ready, why not validate it?